Summer School

2018 Summer school will take bookings from March 2018

Dates are as follows: Monday 30th July- Fri 3rd August 2018

2018 Summer School

The 2018 summer school this year will be ....... " A Million Dreams" based on the greatest showman.


2017 Summer School

'We're all in this together' based on High School Musical & 'Can't stop the feeling' based on the hit film Trolls.


2016 Summer School:

Last years Summer school " A Cub called Simba"  at Luckley House theatre  in Wokingham.

Pictures below;


Previous Summer Schools.

2015 - Defying Gravity - Based on Wicked
2014 - A Little Bit Naughty - Based on Matilda
2013 - At The End Of The Day - Based on Les Miserables
2012 - A little drip - Based on Singing In the Rain
2011 - West End High - A Trip around Londons West End
2010 -  A Cub Called Sinbar -  Based on The Lion King

Here are some photos from previous years summer schools.