Student Success

We are delighted to have many of our students performing in London's West End, in local events, adverts, films and on TV.

Here are just some of our success stories:

Our very talented Imogen Mead, from our Wargrave School is on a final recall for West End's Matilda.

Another extremely talented student, Jaz Crawford from our Wokingham School, is also on a final call for "School of Rock"

In April, we took 20 fantastic students from accross our Schools to Disney Land Paris to perform on the Videopolis Stage.

Camberley Panto 2018/19: Ashleigh Chinnery

Hexagon Panto 2018/19: Alex Hutson

South Hill Park Panto: Liberty Petty, Freya Griffiths, Taylor Roark, Susie Stevens

Wokingham Panto 2018/19: Isabella Jenkins, Imogen Mead, Olivia Perry, Lydia Hurley, Toni D Gangi

Laines 2018 intake Freya Hall- 3years Dance course

Italia Conti 2018 intake Shelby Riches- 3 years Musical Theatre

Barcelona performing arts academy 2018 intake Emma Lainsbury- 3 years musical theatre course

Twyford’s got talent winner 2018- Liberty petty

Twyford’s got talent runner up 2018- Milly Dryden 

Twyford’s got talent audience choice- Milly Dryden

May Fayre Wokingham- 10 students performed

Olympic Stadium March 2018 - 30 students performed at the Rugby pre-match entertainment with Britain’s Got Talent winner 'Tokio Myers'

Hexagon Panto 2017 - Joshua Gasparro & Alexander Hutson performed as Michael & John in Peter Pan

South Hill Park Panto 2017/2018 - Lottie Hatt and Susie Stevens performed in Beauty & the Beast

Woodley Winter Extravaganza 2017 - 10 students performed at the event.

Formula 1 July 2017 - 60 students performed at the qualifying race day.

May Fayre 2017 - 30 students performed at the May Fayre in Wokingham.

Susie Stevens/Amy Wilding- Cinderella panto 2016/17 South Hill Park Theatre

Emma Lainsbury and Shelby Riches 2016 intake to Read College
Emily Highams-  National tour of Chitty Bang Bang 2016
Emily Highams - Mary in the Secret Garden, West End
Wembley Stadium 30 students - Rugby pre match entertainment Saracens V Harlequins championship
Disneyland Paris - 26 students performing in 2016.
Emily Highams - film "A sticky Drama" by Jon Rafman.
Amy Wilding - Kerry Ellis Singing Competition winner
Alice Kearsley and Mia Pawsey - Kerry Ellis Singing Competition Runners up
Isabelle Clover 2015/16 Panto "Dick Whittington" The Hexagon Theatre
Amy Wilding 2015/16 Panto "Sleeping Beauty"-  South Hill Park Theatre

Filming for our Patron Matthew Stirling Aug 2015:  18 students
Ascot Race day 2015- 20  students
"Les Miserables" - 2014 and 2015 - Freya Griffiths as Little Eponine
"Matilda" - 2013 and 2014 ( currently one of our students in the West End)
"Billy Elliott" - Currently Ryan May Miller as Tall Boy and Final 10 for Billy - West End
"Cinderella" - Shelby Riches - The Hexagon
"Cinderella" - Alex Jenkins and Lauren Mann South Hill Park Theatre
"Jack and The Beanstalk" - Bill Robinson South Hill Park Theatre
"Cbeebies" - 60 of our Step 1 students
Her Majestys Theatre in London's West End - 60 of our Step 3 and 4 students
The Great Western TV Advert - Brooke Doig
Winner of The Stage Scholarships - Rhys Bailey, Poppy Ward, Shelby Riches, Alex Jenkins.
Winner of Bearwood College Drama Scholarship - Rhys Bailey
Winner of The Abbey School Drama Scholarship - Lauren Mann
Bronze Arts Award - 20 students
Silver Arts Award - Kirsten Fox, Hannah Fox, Kayleigh Gillow and Poppy Ward
Gold Arts Award - Poppy Ward
Oliver- Oliver Widdis The Hexagon Theatre
"The Stage" New Year party - Alex Jenkins and Shelby Riches
Student film  - Joseph Goff and Bentley Morse


"Thank you to everyone at Steppin Out who has supported Freya during her amazing 10 months in Les Miserables - West End. So many people from the school went to watch her, either on the arranged Les Mis trip or by themselves and this has meant so much to us. A special thank you, goes to Shelley for her fantastic support and continued enthusiasm throughout."

"The experience has been an incredible one for Freya and she has left with so many fantastic memories"

Louisa and Jonathon Griffiths


"I had such a special day with Kerry. She helped me workshop my song and really understand the character!"

Amy Wilding


Disneyland Paris - Performing 2016 - 26 Students